Warning Signs of Damaged and Leaking Roof

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If you are noticing the small puddle on roof or find water collecting in gutters, it is time you must contact the professional who will inspect your home and decide what’s going on. Whereas any leak and damage will be dangerous, there’re a few telltale signs that can help you detect this before thing gets totally out of control and you hire roofing service.

Water accumulated on roof

Suppose you see water on roof, it is the sure sign of leak. The common cause of the problem is leak of the following:

  • Roof itself (leaks)
  • Plumbing system that runs in your home

Signs of leak

Water on roof – Suppose you find water on the roof, take a close look around for leaks and ensure it has been raining. Check if there are signs that something may be damaged and repaired recently, like the new shingles and tiles installed by the contractor.

Water running down side of the house – This will happen during the heavy rainstorms or when the indoor plumbing pipe runs with time through the infrequent use. It may be caused by the overzealous snow removal efforts where snowfall is possible to happen frequently! If you find this happening quite usual, contact the professional for help with fixing whatever problem led up now.

Damaged shingles

Shingles can be missing or damaged. Suppose you see that shingles are pulled off of the roof, it is the warning sign there will be the leak below them. Shingles might be damaged on edges of the house. Suppose you notice that it happens throughout the whole section of the home’s roof, then this can mean water soaked in one area & caused rot there!

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Missing attached shingles

Suppose you find missing shingles, it is the sure sign your roof is leaking. The shingles are missing from your roof due to leak. The leaky roof will cause the water to seep through and in walls of the home, which can eventually lead to mold and mildew growth in your home’s interior.

Missing shingles could be because of the storm or fire damage: In such cases, bad weather may have caused all or part of one or more layers (roof deck) to detach from their support structure (roof frame).

Shingles are damaged or removed from roof

A shingle roof should be attached to the roof in a way that is not likely to come off. If you see that your shingles are missing or damaged, this could indicate that there is an issue with the structure of your home. In addition, if you notice any other signs of damage on your roof (such as holes), it’s important that you contact a professional immediately so they can assess whether or not there is something wrong with it before any further damage occurs.